Having spent years in Paris, Gary Zuercher knows well the splendors of the city. But it is the bridges at night with their multitude of light and shadow effects, offering incredible and unique nuances of grey, black, and silver tones - not found at any other time of the day - that has drawn him to the project of photographing the majesty of every one of those 35 bridges - at night.

The goal of the project was to isolate and heighten the reality of the Paris night bridgescape by working with the essential qualities of black and white photography.

All of the work is shot in medium format photography using only the traditional methods. In order to control the quality of the final print Zuercher personally performs and controls all of the processes. He exposes the film in the camera, develops the film and then makes the final print using the light of an enlarger through a negative and wet chemicals in a darkroom to create an archival gelatin silver, selenium toned print. There is no digital/Photoshop manipulation, the final print retains the reality of what was photographed while at the same time maintaining the aesthetic decisions which were made at the time of the shot and subsequently in the darkroom.

Hotel de Ville